Physics 8994 - Special topics in Condensed Matter Physics: Field Theory Methods in Condensed Matter Physics (Nieves)



Minimum Required Facilities

Instructional Strategy

Student Evaluation


By all means you may work in groups on the homework assignments. Collaboration is an important part of learning and of scholarship in general. However, each student must turn in her or his own writeup of the solutions. If two individual writeups are nearly identical, neither will receive credit. In fairness to your fellow students, late homework will not be accepted.


This is an introductory on the applications of field theory methods to many particle systems. The main topics to be discusses are: second quantisation and quantum field theory, the use Green’s functions for many body systems, derivation and use Feynman diagrams, linear response theory.


After completing this course the student will have a good background to carry out basics quantum field theory calculations in systems of practical interest.